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Ch 01 Neha's Alarm Clock

NCERT Solutions Neha's Alarm Clock CBSE Class-04 English. What time did Neha’s clock ring every morning? What did the birds say? What is inside you that makes you get up at the same time everyday? Put the letters in the right order.

Ch 02 The Little Fir Tree

NCERT Solutions The Little Fir Tree CBSE Class-04 English. The pretty liars fir tree was happy with gold leaves but. The fir tree was sad Who granted it four wishes? By changing the circled word to its opposite, rewrite the sentences.

Ch 03 Nasruddin's Aim

NCERT Solutions Nasruddin's Aim CBSE Class-04 English. What did Nasruddin boast about? Why did Nasruddin take someone else’s name each time he missed the target? Why did the Nasruddin said, “It was my aim” the third time? Do you think that the Nasruddin was good at Archery?

Ch 04 Alice in Wonderland

NCERT Solutions Alice in Wonderland CBSE Class-04 English. While listening to the story, what did alice see? What was different about the rabbit that Alice saw? Where did the rabbit go? How did Alice reach wonderland? What strange things did Alice see?

Ch 05 Helen Keller

NCERT Solutions Helen Keller CBSE Class-04 English. “Something is wrong,” said Helen’s mother. What was wrong with Helen? Although Helen could not hear and see, what kind of girl was she? Who agreed to help Helen? How did Miss Sullivan help Helen?

Ch 06 The Milkman's Cow

NCERT Solutions The Milkman's Cow CBSE Class-04 English. Why did the cow refuse to get up? Name those tried to make the cow move. Who finally made the cow get up and how? Complete what is missing in these drawings. What work do these men or women do?

Ch 07 The Scholars Mother Tongue

NCERT Solutions The Scholar's Mother Tongue CBSE Class-04 English. Who came to Akbar’s court? What did he claim to know? How did he challenge everybody? What is your mother tongue? How did Birbal find out about the Pundit’ mother tongue.

Ch 08 The Giving Tree

NCERT Solutions The Giving Tree CBSE Class-04 English. How did the boy enjoy the company of the tree? How did the tree help the boy earn money? What did the boy make with the branches of the tree? What did the boy make with the trunk of the tree?

Ch 09 Going to Buy a Book

NCERT Solutions Going to Buy a Book CBSE Class-04 English. Why did the grandfather give the children money? Where did they go to buy books? Did the girl buy a picture book? Now fill in the describing words into the passage below.

Ch 10 Pinocchio

NCERT Solutions Pinocchio CBSE Class-04 English. What did the carpenter buy? What did he make out of it? What did he call his puppet? What did Pinocchio say in the end? How many words can you make from PINOCCHIO? Make opposites with the words.

Poem Wake up

NCERT Solutions Wake Up CBSE Class-04 English. What do you think birds say to each other in the morning? Who are already awake? Which creatures wake up in the morning before the child does? Imagine that a cow, a horse, a duck and a chicken are meeting for a morning meal.

Poem Noses

NCERT Solutions Noses CBSE Class-04 English. Why does the poet feel that the nose is a funny thing? Why is a nose important for you? Does the child in the poem like her nose? Why do you think so? Describe a few funny things you have seen. Do they make you language.

Poem Run

NCERT Solutions Run CBSE Class-04 English. What does the poem tell us to do? Write about the places where the poet wants us to run. Do you like to play and run about? Why? Running is a very good exercise. Name any three games that you play in which you have to run.

poem Why

NCERT Solutions Why CBSE Class-04 English. Name a few things that sink. List the questions that the little boy asks. What sort of a boy is described in the poem? Fill in the blanks with words from the poem which rhyme with the underlined words in the sentences.

Poem Dont be Afraid of the Dark

NCERT Solutions Don't be Afraid of the Dark CBSE Class-04 English. What is the poem about? What happens when the day is over? What does the earth do when the day is over? What does the poet want us to do at night? Find a word in the poem which is the opposite of.........

Poem I Had a Little Pony

NCERT Solutions I Had a Little Pony CBSE Class-04 English. Another word for wallop is ........ Would the child hit the donkey? What would the child give the donkey? What is a pony? What did the lady do to the pony? What did the child decide to do?

Poem Hiawatha

NCERT Solutions Hiawatha CBSE Class-04 English. Who was Hiawatha? Who was Nokomis? What did he learn about the birds? What secrets did he learn about beasts? Describe Hiawatha, his home and his friends in ten lines. What did Hiawatha love?

Poem A Watering Rhyme

NCERT Solutions A Watering Rhyme CBSE Class-04 English. What is the best time to water the plants? When should we not water the plants? Which part of the plant should be watered? Place letters in their right order to form the names of the flowers. Do you have a garden?

Poem Books

NCERT Solutions Books CBSE Class-04 English. What did the library door say? What did the books in library look like? Why did the child in the poem like looking at the picture? The word galore means in great numbers. Do you also have a class library which keeps many books?

Poem The Naughty Boy

NCERT Solutions The Naughty Boy CBSE Class-04 English. From where did the naughty boy come? Where did the naughty boy go? Why did he go there? What did the boy wonder about? Which country does your clown belong to? Now complete the table below.

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