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Poonams Day

NCERT Solutions Poonam's Day Out CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Can you act like the animals seen in the pond? Which animal makes what kind of sounds and movement? Try to make similar sounds. You must have seen many animals too write which of them.

The Plant Fairy

NCERT Solutions The Plant Fairy CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Collect a few leaves of plants like lemon, neem, basil (tulsi), Mint (pudina) and coriander (dhaniya). Crush the leaves and smell them. Do they all smell alike. Can you identify the leaves just by their smell?

Water O Water

NCERT Solutions Water O Water CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Arrange the following on the basis of the amount of water that is needed for each of the activities. Begin with the activity that needs the most water. Why do we need to store water?

Our First School

NCERT Solutions Our First School CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Who are there in your family? Write the names and how they are related to you. Write the relationship between any two members of your family – such as husband- wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter…

Chhotus House

NCERT Solutions Chhotu's House CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Who all live with you in your house? How much time in a day do you spend in each part of your house? Is there any part of your house where one particular member of your family spends more time?

Food We Eat

NCERT Solutions Food We Eat CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Did all the children in the class eat the same food items yesterday? Why? You must have noticed that in there is one child in whose house no food was cooked. What could be the reason.

Saying Without Speaking

NCERT Solutions Saying Without Speaking CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. How did you like this game? Did you find it difficult to act without speaking? Have you ever seen anyone talking through actions? When do people need to talk this?

Flying High

NCERT Solutions Flying High CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Have you ever noticed that different birds have different types of beaks? Given here are pictures of beaks of birds. Look at them carefully. Identify the birds and write their names.

Its Raining

NCERT Solutions Its Raining CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. How did Appu know that the banana trees needed water? From where do the plants growing around your house get water? Appu drank water from the river till he was happy. Have you seen animals drinking water?

What is Cooking

NCERT Solutions What is Cooking CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. We do not cook all the things we eat. Find out which things we eat raw and which ones we cook before eating. Which are the things we eat both cooked and raw? Fill in the table.

From Here to There

NCERT Solutions From Here to There CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Have you ever travelled in a train? When? Can a train move anywhere? Why? What is meant by ‘roads of iron’? What places did the train pass by? Make a list. Which all vehicles did the children travel in.

Work To Do

NCERT Solutions Work To Do CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. What kind of work do people in your neighbourhood do? Name any five. What are these workers called? Write the names of any five buildings and work done in them.

Sharing Our Feelings

NCERT Solutions Sharing Our Feelings CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. What kinds of problems do people have in old age? How does Ravi bhaiya come to know so many things without seeing? Have you ever needed a stick? When? Can you think when you may need a stick?

The Story of Food

NCERT Solutions The Story of Food CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. What kind of work are people doing in both the families? Do all the people in your family eat together? If not, why? Who eats last in the family. Who does not help in cooking food in the family and why?

Making Pots

NCERT Solutions Making Pots CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Why did the crow need a pot? Who all helped the crow to make the pot? What things did the potter need? Are there utensils made of clay in your house? Which are these?

Games We Play

NCERT Solutions Games We Play CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Do you play some games with your family members? Which games and with whom? How many games do you know which we play with a ball? Write their names.

Here Comes a Letter

NCERT Solutions Here Comes a Letter CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Given below is the journey of a letter shown through pictures. The pictures are not in a sequence. Arrange these to get the correct sequence. Which letters have stamp on them?

A House Like This

NCERT Solutions A House Like This CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Why are the houses made on bamboo pillars where Bhupen live? What kind of roofs do these houses have? Why are they made like this? How does one enter these houses?

Our Friends Animals

NCERT Solutions Our Friends- Animals CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. What will people in Meenu’s family do? Dhobi Chandu looks after his donkey very well. The donkey too does a lot of his work. Look at the pictures and write what are the things that Chandu does for his donkey.......

Drop by Drop

NCERT Solutions Drop by Drop CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. From where do the people in Madho’s village fetch water from drinking? Who fetches water in Madho’s house? Water collected in the tank is mostly used for drinking. Why? Is rain water collected in your house as well?

Families Can be Different

NCERT Solutions Families Can be Different From CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. How did you feel when you could join a group of required member? Why? How did you feel if you could not join any group. Why? Do you like to be with people. With whom do you like to be more?

Left Right

NCERT Solutions Left Right From CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Guide Ruchira from home to school? Find the school in the picture. Also find the way from Ruchira’s home to her school. Now, with a coloured pencil trace the way from Ruchira’s home to her school.

A Beautiful Cloth

NCERT Solutions A Beautiful Cloth From CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. How do you think Sajida’s dupatta was made? Take a dupatta or a long piece of unstitched cloth. Drape it in different ways. In how many ways, could you wear it?

Web of Life

NCERT Solutions Web of Life From CBSE Class-03 Environmental Studies. Can you tell, why did we try to know and think about all these things? How are we linked to the thing shown in the picture? Come, let us find out: .............................

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