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French syllabus, question papers, online tests and important questions as per CBSE syllabus. Notes, test papers and school exam question papers with solutions. The topics included are La Fmille, Au Lycée, Une journée de Pauline, Les saisons, Les Voyages, Lesloisirs et les sports, L’argent de poche, Faire des achats, Un diner en famille, La mode, Les fêtes, La Francophonie.

NCERT Solutions class-9 English Comm D CH01 Villa for Sale

PageNo: 108 4. Copy and complete the following paragraph about the theme of the play using the clues given in the box below.Remember that there are more clues than required. Sell, buying, house, enthusiastic, comes, 200 thousand francs, taking, favour, get, sleeps, money, 300 thousand francs, unhappy, his in-laws ...

NCERT Solutions class-9 English lang Beehive ch20 If I Were You

Page No:144 Thinking about the Text I. Answer these questions. 1. At last a sympathetic audience.” (i) Who says this? (ii) Why does he say it? (iii) Is he sarcastic or serious? Ans: (i) The speaker of the given line is Gerrard. (ii) He says it as he is ...

NCERT Solutions Class-09 Social history Nazism and the rise of hitler

Class –IX History Nazism and The Rise of Hitler Question 1.Describe the problems faced by the Weimar Republic. Answer : The problems faced by the Weimar Republic were: → Versailles treaty:The Versailles Peace Treaty at the end of the First World War dispossessed Germany of its territories, its resources and ...

Download Class-9 Social Science Solved Papers

Social Science solved papers for CBSE class-9 are now available for FREE download at These chapter-wise practice test papers with solution and answer keys are prepared by our team of expert teachers. Download Chapter-wise Test Papers with Answers Here CBSE question papers for each and every chapter from ...

CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class IX and X for Term II (Second Term March 2012)

CBSE issued sample papers 2012 for class 9 and 10. CBSE Sample Papers for class 9 and 10 are available at the official website of CBSE. CBSE has not issued new sample papers for English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science. The sample papers for 2011 can be seen for ...

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