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Download CBSE class 5 English study material and worksheets in PDF format. MyCBSEguide provides solved papers, board question papers, revision notes and NCERT solutions for CBSE class 5 English. The topics included are Wonderful Waste, Flying Together, Robinson crusoe, My Elder Brother, Rip van Winkle, Talkative Barber, Gullivers Travels, The Little Bully, Around the World, Who will be Ningthou...

Now enjoy myCBSEguide app in 10 Countries

We are excited to announce the release of your most favorite education app myCBSEguide in ten countries. Now you can download and use myCBSEguide app in India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, United States, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bahrain. myCBSEguide android app was launched in late 2015 and ...

CBSE suggested measures to reduce the weight of School bag

Heavier School bags are known to have adverse effects on health of growing children and if such bags are used for a prolonged period, the impact may well be irreversible. Young children whose spine is at a crucial stage of growth are the most susceptible ones to hazards such as ...

NCERT Solutions for Class-5 English

NCERT solutions for class-5 English (Marigold) includes all the questions provided in NCERT text book which is prescribed for class-5 in schools. NCERT text book questions and answers help you to get thorough understanding of the concepts. These questions with detailed explanation are now available in myCBSEguide for free to ...

NCERT Solutions class-5 English 03 Robinson crusoe

CHAPTER – 3 ROBINSON CRUSOE   1. What made Robinson Crusoe think that the print on the ground was a footprint? Ans. Robinson Crusoe thought that the print was a footprint because it had toes, heel and all parts of a human foot. 2. Why was Robinson afraid when he looked at ...

NCERT Solutions class-5 English Poem 05 The Lazy Frog

CHAPTER – 5 (POEM) THE LAZY FROG   1. What did the frog do all the day? Ans. He slept conveniently all day on a log. 2. Besides lazy; what other word can you think of to describe the frog? Ans. How he behaved with his mother, when a lady frog walked ...

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