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Topics Themes for Project Work on Disaster Management

Do any one of the following:-
Project 1_ Role of Govt./Non-Government functionaries in your locality in Disaster Management.
Interview any two of the Govt. /Non-Government functionaries in your locality on their role in Disaster Management.
Senior District Magistrate
Additional District Magistrate
Head of any NGO working in your locality – dealing in Disaster Management
Police inspector, Superintendent of Police
Civil Defence Warden/elected representatives
Home guard personnel
NCC Commandant in the school
Deputy Commissioner of Municipality
School Principal
Carry out a survey by enquiring from at least 20 persons from different walks of life (such as shopkeepers, housewives, senior citizens, college students, etc.) in your locality on the hazards prevalent, and preventive measures they have taken or would like to take to reduce the impact.
Prepare a Survey report highlighting the areas where awareness is needed and the local resources available in the locality to create awareness.
(Note for Teachers: The teachers can select any two of the functionaries based on their availability in that city/town. This topic can be taken up individually by students or by a group consisting of two students. In case of group work where two students are involved, work should be divided equally so that distribution of marks is easier).
Project 2: Generating Awareness on Disaster Management
Design a 10 minute skit on Disaster Management. Design posters on do’s and don’ts of various hazards prevalent in that area.
Visit a slum community and enact the skit by using the posters. The Skit and the posters can also be used to make the junior students aware.
(Note for the Teachers: Better awareness and preparedness amongst the community members have saved a lot of life and property. As responsible future citizens of the country, students can play a major role in awaring the community to be better prepared for natural hazards (flood, cyclone, landslide, tsunami etc) and human induced hazards (fire, rail road and air accidents ). Local language should be used so that the community is able to have a better understanding. The Principal along with the teachers can help the students in organizing a meeting with the local slum community).
PROJECT 3 – Preparation of Models of Disaster Resilient Structures
Make layouts of models based on structural improvement in buildings in a rural/ urban community in coastal areas prone to floods/cyclones or in areas prone to earthquakes/landslides. Show the special features of the buildings and indicate the early warning system that could be best used in that community.
(Note for Teachers: To carry out the project, there is a need to have a good understanding about the subject. The class X textbook on Disaster Management will help the teachers and the students to have a fair understanding about the topic. However, the school also needs to seek support from qualified engineers, and architects who have knowledge on safe construction practices from either the Government or private sector and also from academic institutions. Qualified engineers and architects can be invited by the principal of the school for lectures and also to suggest methods of carrying out the models. For assessing the project carried out by the school, these qualified persons may also be invited.)

PROJECT 4 – Pocket Guide on First Aid
Prepare a pocket guide on First Aid for your school. The First Aid pocket guide should contain aid that needs to be given for fractures, poisoning, cuts and burns, heat and cold wave and other threats that are prevalent in that area. The content shared in the guide should be supported with adequate pictures so as to give a clear and elaborate understanding about the topic. Choose awareness campaign strategy for either senior citizens or illiterate people and prepare a brief write-up.
(Note for the Teachers: The project can be carried out by a group of students in a class and work can be equally divided amongst the students so that the teachers are able to evaluate them easily. Doctors, local health practitioners, trained volunteers of Red Cross and professionals from other agencies/bodies/institutes, proficient in this field can be consulted to prepare the first-aid pocket guide. This guide can be printed by the school administration and shared with all the students, teachers and other staff members of the school. It can be used as a ready reckoner for any First Aid related information.

PROJECT 5 – Institutional Case Study on Disaster Response
Visit a local NGO/agency such as the United Nations, Red Cross/ Voluntary Youth Organisations like Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS), National Cadet Corp (NCC), Bharat Scouts and Guides etc; and prepare a case study on how the agencies played a major role in Disaster Response.
(Note for the Teachers: The teachers may select the organisation/agency that they would like the students to be associated with. It can be mentioned here that each district in India has a Red Cross wing headed by the District Magistrate/Collector/Dy. Commissioner. The students before analysing the role played by various agencies can give a brief background of the organisation/agency on its mandate, objectives and goals and role during disasters).

PROJECT 6 – Communication facilities for Disaster Management
Choose any one method of communication from various means of communication like radio/satellite/television/ Ham radio which are used by Government departments such as the Indian Meteorological Department to disseminate information. Find out how the information is disseminated by them at various levels during disasters. Prepare a report.
(Note for the Teachers: The students can visit the government departments such as the All India Radio, Doordarshan etc. Principals are expected to issue a letter to the concerned Government Department so as to inform the department that the information collected will be solely for project purpose. Case studies can also be collected to make the project more interesting).

PROJECT 7: Preparation of Disaster Contingency Plan
Prepare a Contingency Plan either for your school or home/community.. The Plan should be based on an actual survey of your area/locality or school. The Plan prepared should consist of the following maps, inventory of resources available and a seasonality calendar highlighting the seasons prone to various hazards prevalent in that locality/school.
•    A social map
•     A Resource map
•    A Vulnerability map on the outline map of your locality.
(Note for the Teachers: The teachers need to help the students while preparing the plan for the locality/school. It should answer the questions given under the sub-heading ‘community contingency plan’ in the lesson, called ‘Planning Ahead’ of Class X Disaster Management textbook.


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