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Download OTBA 2016 Material for Class-9

CBSE has issued OTBA (Open Text Based Assessment) material for March 2016 examination.  The OTBA is meant to incorporate analytical and theoretical skills, thus moving away from memorization. The following open text materials for Classes IX is being provided for the Examination in 2016 as per...

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CBSE Open Text-Based Assessment OTBA

CBSE Board conducts Open Text-based Assessment for classes IX and XI, to incorporate analytical and theoretical skills. i) Open Text based Assessment (OTBA) for Class IX (SA-II) is conducted in all the main subjects Hindi, English, Mathematics Science, Social Science. ii) For Class XI it is held...

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CBSE issued OTBA Material for March 2015 Exam

CBSE conducts OTBA in class 9 and class 11. Latest update on OTBA are available here. CBSE has issued OTBA Open Text-based Assessment (OTBA) for classes IX and XI for the exam to be conducted in March 2015. The OTBA material can be downloaded from CBSE official site and This...

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Queries on Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA)

1. Why has OTBA been introduced in only three subjects of Class XI; Why not in all subjects? It has been decided to introduce OTBA in Class XI in only three subjects. Based on the feedback from teachers and students, the decision to extend it to more subjects will be taken. 2. The Board has been...

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What is OTBA in CBSE class-9 and class-11

CBSE has received many queries about Open Text-Based Assessment in class-9 and class-11. Some frequently asked questions about OTBA have been replied by CBSE through their official website. These replies will help the users what is OTBA and how it will affect the marking scheme of the subjects...

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What is Open Book Exam in CBSE (OTBA)

The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends that multiple modes of assessment need to be provided to cater to the varied abilities of individual strengths of learners. It is, therefore, decided to introduce an element of Open Text- based Assessment for classes IX and XI in March, 2014...

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