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CBSE Upgraded Grades by one Level in Class 10

In CBSE Class 10 this year onwards, you may have noticed written ** Upgraded Grades by one Level. This is a new policy under CCE system of examination that if a student gets good grades in extra-curricular activities, he/she will be upgraded one level in upto two main subjects. A student who gets A+ in […]

GP and CGPA to Percentage Calculator

CBSE Class 10 report card has GP and CGPA only. There is no percentage of marks. You can calculate estimated percentage in individual subjects and overall percentage.     Calculation of GP to subject wise percentage: GP (Grade Points) Calculation Estimated Percentage 10 10 X 9.5 95 % 09 9 X 9.5 85.5% 08 8 […]

How to calculate percentage from CGPA

The CGPA is the average of Grade Points obtained in all the subjects excluding additional 6th subject as per Scheme of Studies. An indicative equivalence of Grade Point and Percentage of Marks can be assessed as follows:   Subject wise indicative percentage of marks = 9.5 x GP of the Subject. Overall indicative percentage of […]

Criteria for Admission of CBSE students in Class XI for academic year 2010-11

Admission of CBSE students in Class XI  for academic year 2010-11 after Introduction of Grading at Secondary School level  by the Board Those who get Qualifying Certificates shall be eligible for admission in higher classes. The schools affiliated with the Board follow different practices suitable in their own context. They may continue to do so. […]

CBSE Grading System and Improvement of Performance

Board has introduced Grading  at Secondary School level for Classes IX and X from the academic year 2009-10. (Circular No 40/29-09-2009). In this system, students’ performance has been assessed using conventional  numerical marking mode, and the same has been be converted into the grades on the basis of the pre-determined marks ranges. Accordingly, the “Statement […]

Improvement of Grades Exam in CBSE Class 10

Eligibility for Improvement of Performance in Secondary Examination A candidate obtaining Grade E1 or E2 in any or all the five subjects (excluding 6th additional subject as per the scheme of studies) shall be eligible for improvement of performance in any or all the five subjects through subsequent five attempts. Examination for candidate Eligible for […]

CBSE Grade Card Statement of Subject wise Performance Class 10

The “Statement of Subject wise Performance” to be issued to all candidates will reflect the Grade, Grade Point (GP) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of Grade Points obtained in all the subjects (excluding 6th additional subject as per Scheme of subjects). Based upon Grade point (GP) […]

CBSE Grading System

CBSE Class 10 result declared on 28th May 2010. This year CBSE issued Grades at the place of Marks. The newly introduced CBSE grading system in class 9 and class 10 is actually a nine point scale grading system. The performance of students is assessed in nine points starting from A1 to E2. The grades […]