Social Science Syllabus of Class X for Board Examination 2010

The changes effected in respect of evaluation of Disaster Management through project work and assignments along with details of the modalities for the same.

Consequent upon this, the 8 marks allocated to Disaster Management were reallocated to the other components of History, Geography, Political Science and Economics making the Unit totals as 22,22,18,18 marks respectively.

In continuation of these changes keeping in view the recommendations contained in NCF 2005 to give equal weight age to the four components of History, Geography, Political Science and Economics, the marks have been further revised as –

Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World II
(History) 20 Marks

Unit 2: India – Resources and their Development (Geography) 20 Marks

Unit 3: Democratic Politics II
(Political Science) 20 Marks

Unit 4: Understanding Economic Development
(Economics) 20 Marks

Accordingly the syllabus for Social Science has been updated as follows which will be effective from the Board’s examination 2010 onwards.

In Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World II, the students will exercise their option of choice among the prescribed themes in the following manner:-

Sub-Unit 1.1 – Events and Processes
Theme 1: Nationalism in Europe
Theme 2: Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
Theme 3: Nationalism in India
(Any one theme out of themes 1 and 2. Theme 3 is compulsory)

Sub-Unit 1.2 – Economies and Livelihood
Theme 4: Industrialization 1850s – 1950s
Theme 5: Urbanization and Urban Lives
Theme 6: Trade and Globalization
(Any one theme out of themes 4,5 and 6)

Sub-Unit 1.3 – Culture, Identity and Society
Theme 7: Print culture and nationalism
Theme 8: History of the novel
(Any one theme out of themes 7 and 8 )

Hence, the students will be required to study four themes in Unit 1 (History) India and the Contemporary World II.

In Unit 2 (Geography), India – Resources and their development, class X, the topic on ‘Forest and Wild life Resources’ has been included for the Board Examination, 2010 and onwards and the sub-topics given in Chapter 4 of the NCERT’s Geography text book – Contemporary India Part II, namely Food Security (Page 44) and Impact of Globalization on Agriculture (Page 46) will remain deleted.

The syllabus in the remaining three components remains the same. Also disaster management continues to be evaluated through projects and assignments only. Sample question papers based on the revised pattern will be soon uploaded on the Board’s website

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