PSA Sample Papers for class 11

CBSE PSA Sample Papers for class 11 and CBSE solved sample questions for PSA syllabus are available at for free download. Problem Solving Assessment will replace class 11 FA-IV from 2013 onwards and the first PSA will be conducted by CBSE in January-February 2013.

Now access the support material in Quantitative Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning and Language Conventions to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the twenty first century. It is an endless endeavour of education to develop skills like problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and creative thinking among the students. These dimensions of 21st century life skills will greatly assist learners in acquiring Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). All these, together ensure success by our students in higher studies and professional areas.

 PSA Sample Papers for Class -11

 What is PSA

PSA is a MCQ based assessment that will replace FA-IV from 2013 onwards. The Problem Solving Assessment will be 60 marks one hour MCQ test and it will take place of FA-IV of 10 Marks. The 60 marks will be divided by 6 to get the marks out of 10 for formative assessment-IV.

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59 Responses to “PSA Sample Papers for class 11”

  1. anjali says:

    where we get papers…

  2. mycbseguide says:

    Just click the link given here

  3. Riya says:

    hw r humanitis studnts gonna crack mthematicl problms wich we havnt lrnd at all!??

  4. Sanjana Singh says:

    Will this be counted in the 12th boards?

  5. ravi sen says:

    may be…or…may not be!!!
    that descision is pending!!

  6. mansi says:

    is this compulsory to give this psa exam…and if we can’t clear this exam so it will harm our future…..???????

  7. puja singh says:

    yah.. as per my concern.. this psa will only decide if we are to give our 12th boards or not.. nd this psa will also be checked when filing for graduation..

  8. shashank says:

    hi frnds i dont d sample papers

  9. vipul says:

    this is very simple not a hard

  10. xyz says:

    it is good that -ve marking is not added for PSA.

  11. sirmaur says:

    i thnk its good

  12. SAYYED REHAN says:


  13. gazala says:

    is 11 maths and science are also involved in this question paper ?
    plz reply me , because i am a commerce student .is it going to be hard for me?

  14. meghna says:

    will dere be a combine ppr for all d 3 streams?!??……and is dere any syllabus for it or its jst a IQ type???

  15. meghna says:

    aree nahi….its 10% will be evaluated in 11th final xams………n we will be getting a certificate for dat……

  16. Sana Rizvi says:

    where we find sample papers for psa exam

  17. shubham says:

    no it wld b general maths

  18. riya i don’t think ki level zyaada tough hoga.

  19. aishwarya says:

    as per my concern. its gonna b tough!!! nd 1hr fr 60 marks!!! maths take tym na….. nd we commerce nd arts ppl hv not been in touch wd sc for long tym. nd this 1hr xam will decide our future!.

  20. shubham says:

    do the marks which we score in psa will be carried forward to class 12 result….. please tell its about our future………..

  21. rachita says:

    I agree…………bt what about humanities students

  22. Ishan Niks says:

    bekar ka matha pachi………..

  23. Arihant says:

    i hope that there wud be no questions related to science in the test…
    do i need to worry abt it???

  24. lakhan says:

    where we find sample paper for psa exam

  25. Harsh Gupta says:


  26. vartika says:

    Is 1 hr sufficient for d exam………. Ques. in maths are really taking long time!!!!!!!

  27. Riya Negi Winchester says:

    I still don’t understand how it’s gonna decide out future..?

  28. Riya Negi Winchester says:

    I still don’t understand how it’s gonna decide out future..??

  29. akansh raj says:

    Its making stress

  30. susi says:

    how will commerce students do maths and science are they crazy

  31. kiran says:

    In India all the talent of students is hidden under the pressure of booksss
    in india students are born intelligent but education ruined them ..
    in foreign students are born intelligent and education polish them

  32. Indu says:

    do the mark which we score in PSA influence our class 12 results?

  33. gazala says:

    it is cumpulsory for our job. all entrance exam involved this type of questions also it helps us in getting good job.if someone get fail then he can’t get good job by seeing the certificate of i think it is really good idea for our good future

  34. gazala says:

    no.we can sit in class 12 for further study and get another chance for pass this exam in class 12 . if someone again get fail then he can’t get his 12 result. so it is necessary to pass this exam for our better future.

  35. Seema says:

    well said Kiran……..

  36. tia says:

    u can buy evergreen / oxford psa book.
    it will give u samples of all types of ques comming.
    all the best:D

  37. tia says:

    hope so

  38. tia says:

    all the best guys for the exam
    hope u all do well

  39. tia says:

    u can buy evergreen psa sample book

  40. himanshu chaturvedi says:

    i’d just say it wouldn’t be much tough for commerce students also….just practice the maths of earlier class…i mean of class would be more than enough….and mostly questions are just to check ur i’ve seen the sample papers…practice sample papers….all the best to all of you guys…

  41. Tushar das says:

    it seems the exam will be interesting………i like it………….

  42. mahesh b says:

    yes u will be getting the certificate with your class 12 board exam certificate

  43. Aarzoo says:

    d book dat I refrfered had 11th questions in it too

  44. MAHAK GAHLAUT says:

    Life mein studies ki kam headache thi jo ye ek aur paper badha diya…….but anyways, thank God ye tough nahi h……..

  45. adhyan says:

    will negative marking take place..??

  46. KISHAN OJHA says:

    Friends .., this exam is not so tough.. only u need is your brain.. ther is common english and aptitude.. ALL THE BEST

  47. rahul says:

    tomorrow’s the exam…..quite worried……..giv me some idea frnds……

  48. Sruthi says:

    how will commerce students be able to attend science related questions? can i get soon reply for this????

  49. abhifreestyler says:

    gonna get screwd tommarowww :o

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