PSA Sample Papers for class 11

CBSE PSA Sample Papers for class 11 and CBSE solved sample questions for PSA syllabus are available at for free download. Problem Solving Assessment will replace class 11 FA-IV from 2013 onwards and the first PSA will be conducted by CBSE in January-February 2013.

Now access the support material in Quantitative Reasoning, Qualitative Reasoning and Language Conventions to prepare the students to meet the challenges of the twenty first century. It is an endless endeavour of education to develop skills like problem solving, decision making, critical thinking and creative thinking among the students. These dimensions of 21st century life skills will greatly assist learners in acquiring Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). All these, together ensure success by our students in higher studies and professional areas.

 PSA Sample Papers for Class -11

 What is PSA

PSA is a MCQ based assessment that will replace FA-IV from 2013 onwards. The Problem Solving Assessment will be 60 marks one hour MCQ test and it will take place of FA-IV of 10 Marks. The 60 marks will be divided by 6 to get the marks out of 10 for formative assessment-IV.

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59 Responses to “PSA Sample Papers for class 11”

  1. mobin says:

    dont worry guys…..this year it is just an experimental level only for our batch…….the guys coming after us will have all the advantages and disadvantages… we are the experiment rats for CBSE….:p

  2. akshay says:

    is passing in psa is important….. ??….. sum people r sying taht we will not get pass certificate for 11 and 12 class if we dont pass in psa

  3. RAJ says:


  4. Riya Mary Cherian says:

    will it affect our 12th results???

  5. says:

    i forgot two give my psa exam ………………………..

  6. will it harm our engineering future…..because of fever i was not able to give my best so will it harm my engineering and +2 future of scoring good rank and getting perfect job?

  7. shubha says:

    does anyone know what are the passing marks for psa?

  8. ashutosh raj says:

    what happen if any children does not give exam of psa

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