GP and CGPA to Percentage Calculator

CBSE Class 10 report card has GP and CGPA only. There is no percentage of marks. You can calculate estimated percentage in individual subjects and overall percentage.



Calculation of GP to subject wise percentage:

GP (Grade Points) Calculation Estimated Percentage
10 10 X 9.5 95 %
09 9 X 9.5 85.5%
08 8 X 9.5 76%
07 7 X 9.5 66.5%
06 6 X 9.5 57%
05 5 X 9.5 47.5%
04 4 X 9.5 38%



Calculation of overall percentage :

CGPA X 9.5 = overall percentage


Example :

Your CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) is : 7.6

Your overall percentage will be : 7.6 X 9.5 = 72.2 %


Note : Abbreviations used against Result :

** = Upgraded grade by one level

QUAL – Eligible for Qualifying Certificate,
EIOP – Eligible for Improvement of Performance,
NIOP – Not Eligible for Improvement of Performance,
XXXX – Upgradation of Performance/Additional Subject
N.E. – Not Eligible,
R.W. – Result Withheld,
R.L. – Result Later,
UFM – Unfair means,
SJD – Subjudice?



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  1. ashish kumar vishwakarma says:

    i m very thankful to this site for giving every possible news at time .every news was enough and correct accept few

  2. dibyajyoti says:

    to calculate % above 95, I think this formula will work.

    percentage= (CGPA x 15) – 50 ;

  3. deblina says:

    if cgpa X 9.5 = percentage then the highest percentage obtained will be 95%, i.e. 10.0 X 9.5 = 95%. so wat about others who get more than 95%??

  4. vaibhav says:

    if i have got 98.79%in summative 1 so what i should do how i calculate my cgpa

  5. RISHABH RAWAT says:


  6. sir,

    Please the me how to calculate CGPA with full details and an example


  7. abhijay says:

    what to do to calculate accurate % ????????
    i got cgpa 10 ………

  8. i don no wat is cgpa

  9. shubhangi says:

    in my school, there are 11 students who got cgpa as 10….. so how to know who is the highest… and my questions also resemble with deblina and vaibhav

  10. Yaa this is a bst website for me . It gives me true information. Thanks

  11. student says:

    is cgpa only calculated for the final board exam ? or is it calculated for the whole 10th grade? pls answer fast

  12. shivi says:

    plz tell me how to calculate cgpa coz i dont know grace point of particular subject and want to convert subject marks into grace point like i f i got 65 out of 90 then what will be gpa of this subject?

  13. ihjas says:

    i got only 7.6 as cgpa is it a good mark

  14. Ravi Kumar says:

    My friend is got marks in science FA-A 1,SA-C 1,TOTAL-A 2**,GP-09 and I got same marks in science FA,SA but my total is B 1**and GP is 08 why?

  15. Ganesh says:

    CGPA 7 belongs in which category Average or below average or very good or excellent

  16. ruh says:

    How did you get that formula?

  17. Sriram says:

    10 CGPA

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