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Download CCE Card Report Card and related Information

1. Given is a sample of the Certificate of School Based Assessment which will be used as   feed back mechanism for student’s performance at the end of Class IX and Class X.

Download Certificate of School Based Assessment

2. The suggested format of a Report Card is given below. It is merely suggestive and not mandatory for schools to print a similar Report Card.

Download Format of CCE Report Card Page 1
Download Format of CCE Report Card Page 2

3. Guidelines to fill up CCE Report Card and details about the new assessment scheme are available at cbse official website. It includes introduction to CCE in CBSE and guidelines to teachers for assessment of students in scholastic and co-scholastic areas. Tools and techniques of evaluation in new CCE scheme of CBSE.

Download detailed Guidelines and introduction of CCE
Download Co-scholastic Assessment Guidelines
Download Tools and Techniques of Evaluation in CCE

4. Frequently Asked Questions on CCE is a PDF document available for download at CBSE site.

Download Frequently Asked Questions on CCE

5. Other related documents

(a) Annexure 1-3
It includes scheme of study 2010, Outline of CCE for class 9th and 10th, tools for evaluation in CCE

(b) Annexure 4A
It is bunch of old CBSE circulars on CCE in Primary classes Part 1.

(C) Annexure 4B
It is bunch of old CBSE circulars on CCE in Primary classes Part 2.

(D) Annexure 4C
It is bunch of old CBSE circulars on CCE in Primary classes Part 3.

(E) Annexure 4D
It is bunch of old CBSE circulars on CCE in Primary classes Part 4.

  • anuj

    please we want the previous system

  • anuj

    we want cbse boards kapil sibbal sir,….anuj class 9

  • Damodar

    the report card format is not opening for download

  • sid

    CCE format is not opening. please check.

  • sahil

    this system is quite good

  • akshita

    kapil sibbal sir…….
    grant us …….and forgive us……

    plzzzzzzzzzz ………..

    pehle vaala system laa dijiye………
    hum sub aapke aabhari honge…..

  • its not fare for us we want a guide that help us for making this assessment.

  • you are wrong

  • this rule is worse

  • sandeep

    CCE is a good system

  • nischal

    this system is bakwaasssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • CCE IS COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • This system in distressing the students more than the boards. So please we want our previous pattern back. PLZzzz.stop this system

  • mansi

    this system is not good privous is good one………
    because teachers are doing parsiyality in giving marks………we dont wont releaf ………………but we want good marks to success in life…………………

  • satyam

    cce is nt good fr us…..previous syllbus is mch bttr…we wish we cuold pass..

  • sourabh

    CCE is hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

  • This system is realy very disturbing, I am asking one thing that the old pattern was not not good for us ? Earlier also people were getting success than what was the purpose of changing the system?

  • anand kumar

    Please think about teachers load please….please. it is a total cleak’s work.

  • Anup GOWDA



    A very good pattern,which will help the student to attain perfection in his/her life

  • nirvika

    This system empowers the school authorities and teachers,they may not be impartial while executing the above.It is too subjective some more objectivity is needed if it has to work successfully in the whole country.


    Respected sir,
    The detailed Guidelines and introduction of CCE is unable to download plz check the file

  • mridula

    hey…dis report card iz nt gettin downloaded…!!

  • Sanya

    Respected Kapil sir,

    The summative assesment question paper 2010 was sent to the school by the Cbse board and papers were leaked across schools all across the country.Due to this system now the good students,average,and the weak performers have been classed under the same category.
    Therefore it’s our humble request to you to make amends in the system or switch to the previous system.

  • ben

    please please please remove this system from our cbse education we are not yet ready to face boards at a small age. we want our old system. we hate grade system and the cce.

  • mehrunnisa saiyed

    cce is very much good system but there are many loopholes in its structure.amendments can be made and it will be a perfect criteria to judge the learners.for example if teachers can be provided with the proper format of questions to be asked than it will be easy for them to design the tests for students.

  • Neha

    kapil sabbal sir…CCE has just increased the work load of the children as well as the teachers…students are more inclined towards the co-curricular activities and are unable to achieve satisfactory marks in their scholastic areas…every month we have some or the other assingment to be done…how can anybody expect us to be doing these assingments and the studies together …although they know that we are just students…i guess that the education department of india is living in a fantasy by thinking that CCE is better than the previous sysytem…but parts of the system is nice like the removal of the 10th boards….and the trial to encouarge interest of sports in all the children…but not the entire system….it would be nice if you would re-think about this entire system…

  • bimpu

    sir pehle wala system laio this is bakwas

  • Respected  Kapil  Sibbal Sir,
    I got this oppertunity to express my opinion on the new system of education/ evaluation which is the demand of the situation. The people
    who are holding a degree certificate are termed as qualified /educated without keeping in view of their quality on humanity,sincerety, honesty etc. The society is confusing on the term that what is the actual criteria /condition to be called an educated. Hence,  CCE is very good .It is far better than the previous one if the defect is removed .The demerit is that the teachers are not well trained to asses every aspect of the quality of students.
    Moreover the teachers who asses the quality of students they should be very much qualitative if they themselve sypathetic,sincere,punctual,honest,regular,kindhearted,helpful and Social it is very difficult to asses the quality of student.The other problem is that the teachers are from different social ground ,they have different culture,belief, faith,tradition and religion.They are bias to their own religion at least to some extent ‘The moral aspect of one teacher may  be the immoral for other.What may be the parameter for uniformity ?Besides,the teacher are not to be blamed for failure .The communty as a whole should be responsible for the spoil of students.The existing sanctioned strength of teachers is insufficient as the work load for for every teacher should be specific as the observation of a particular aspect of quality need continue assesment .The system will be mores succesful if the teachers are made more liberal to take resonable action against the misbehavior ,disobidiance .Here,the teachers are being made more and more responsible whereas the students are being conferred with more and more  right without any responsibility. We have to rethink regarding the loopholes which are the hurdles on the way to success. There is a need of one data analyst and tabulator for every school to analyse and compile the data for preparing the result. Or the Concerned authority should send the format giving example of each and every case for the first few years of transition period. The System is very good too as it does not asses only one aspect of students quality.Schooling period in the new system is the period for assessing how social he or  she is how sincerre ,honest,punctual, diciplined he or she is . In the previous  system the student would be able to write to score 100% marks in edicipline,morality,obedience,regularity,kindness,sympathy,cooperation friedship ect without any contribution in practice .On the contrary he/she may be cruel ,disobedient,unsocial,hostile,indicipline,etc in practice.Hence the new system is the only way and means to asses the true /inner quality of human being which is the need of the day.The problem of crime and terrorism is not only due to the lack of  education.This is due to the poor /misguided education.The true education is that which enables one to be sociable cooperative,kindhearted ,sympatdhetic,punctual, disciplined and capable for positive and creative aspect accectable to general people as well as for all the living being who have equal right to live on this earth.
    The most important matter to keep in mind is to collect the idea of all the institution and compile the general idea to remove the loophole of the new system.First of all all the institution should be provided with  the format of evaluation for all area of evaluation.Secondly,the format should be explained with example of x,y,z student so that that the tabulator may not be in confussion.Thirdly,the CCE for all the subject teachers should be made compulsory for the assesment of teachers ability how far he/she has understood the concept .They should be asked to fill in the given grade cards and submit in the training period  with the name of XYZ .Fourthly the practical aspect of CCE has become more important than the theory as the teachers are  more confusing in practical calculation /conversion of marks into grade/finding average of different areas of assesment as some are rated in three point scale ,some in five point scale and some in nine point scale.Hence practical training rather than theory is  more important for the 100% success of CCE. Thanks.

  • sir! will the marks of 9th{SA1+ SA2} be added in our 10th certificate.

  • sir! how many marks of 9th will be added in our 10th certificate.

  • rohit

    sir phele wala system jyada accha tha… ye bakwas hai…

  • rohit

    this system is not good…

  • Gourav

    This cce is bakwaSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS              &             Phaltu.

  • anurag


    1.The report card should not contain class IX’s result.
    2.The 4 FA’s should be reduced to only two major FA’s of 40 marks each & this    should be done at the end of every 6 months. 

  • cce system bahut bekaar system hai pehla wala accha tha

  • sir i think u r misguiding the students as well as teachers because this system is not helping to enhance the knowledge of students and u r putting lot of pressure , stress on them instead of reduce. really this is worse than anything .

  • sanaya

    This system is not good… because teachers are partial with some students….


  • Rakhi

    this cce system is redicullus…….

  • praksh kumar

    pure saal bhar exam likh ke thak chuke hein . purana system accha tha. har exam mein 1 or2 marks kat jate hein. so at the end of year we gat very little chance to score a1 grade. so cce is ridicullus……………………………….

  • praksh kumar

    pure saal bhar exam likh ke thak chuke hein . purana system accha tha. har exam mein 1 or2 marks kat jate hein. so at the end of year we gat very little chance to score a1 grade. so cce is waste…………………………….

  • I dnt like cce too much load of studies


  • cce system is good for over all development of students. report cards for primary & middle classes cannot be downloaded.

  • Hameed_kms

    this cbsc is good but some teachers are partial wid the students so how can we get gud marks in other activites,behavior etc 

  • vignesh

    cbse is nice and take sanskrit in 9th and 10th and take school exam in 10th