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Class 10 Mathematics CCE Syllabus 2010-2011 for Term 1 and Term 2

CCE Syllabus for class 10 Mathematics for session 2010-2011 prescribed for First Term (April 2010 to September 2010) and Second Term (October 2010 to March 2011) issued by CBSE, New Delhi. As per CCE guidelines, the syllabus of Mathematics for classes IX and X has been divided term wise. The units specified for each term shall be assessed through both formative and summative assessment. In each term, there will be two formative assessments each carrying 10% weightage. The summative assessment in the I term will carry 20% weightage and the summative assessment in the II term will carry 40% weightage. Listed laboratory activities and projects will necessarily be assessed through formative assessments.

First Term (April 2010 to September 2010) =>

There will be TWO FORMATIVE and ONE SUMMATIVE test in first term. Formative assessments (F1 and F2) will carry total 20 marks (10 marks each) and Summative assessment (S1) will carry 20 Marks.

Thus CCE first term will carry overall 40 Marks (10+10+20=40).

The following topics will be assessed in First Term:

Real Numbers

Polynomials, Pair of linear Equations in two Variables


Introduction to Trigonomatry, Trignomatric Identity


Second Term (October 2010 to March 2011) =>

There will be TWO FORMATIVE and ONE SUMMATIVE test in second term. Formative assessments (F3 and F4) will carry total 20 marks (10 marks each) and Summative assessment (S2) will carry 40 Marks.

Thus CCE second term will carry overall 60 Marks (10+10+40=60).

The following topics will be assessed in Second Term:

ALGEBRA (contd)
Quadratic equations,  Arithmetic progressions

GEOMETRY (contd)
Circles, Constructions.

Areas Related to Circles, Surface Areas & Volumes

Heights & Distances.



For Details of Split up syllabus in CCE first term and second term, kindly visit the link below:

Click Here => Download CCE Syllabus for Class 10 Mathematics (Term 1 and Term 2)

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