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CBSE has issued new sample papers for class 9 Summative Assessment Part-1 (First Term Exams). This exam will be conducted in September 2010. Subjects covered are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit, Home Science, Elements of Business, Book Keeping and Accountancy, Foundation of Information Technology, French, German, Punjani, Urdu, Typewriting, Japanese etc.

Class 10 students have undergone CCE experience previous year during their class 9 second term examination but class 9 students are undergoing this process for the first time. They are advised to go through the sample papers very carefully and observe the pattern of questions. CBSE had issued new CCE syllabus earlier but it was a bit difficult to understand the question pattern and marking scheme until the new sample papers were released.

These CCE Sample Papers for 2010 examination will help students and teachers to prepare will for exams. Chapter wise weightage and marking scheme will be helpful to plan the study in much easier way. Class 9 students are advised to note down the weightage given to each chapter and type of questions asked from these chapters. The format of Actual Question Paper will be same as provided by CBSE in these sample papers.

Students can download these sample papers from download section of or visit the link given below to access the download page directly. You may need to register for downloading solution/marking scheme of the sample question paper.

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