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CBSE Solved Test Papers Published for Class 12 Biology

The leading website for CBSE students, announced latest publication of CBSE solved test papers for class 12 Biology on First December 2009. The Test Papers are being provided online FREE of cost for personal use of students and teachers. Visitors can access these Unit-wise Papers at Test Papers Section of any time.

The topics included are Reproduction in organisms : Asexual and sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction in flowering plants : Structure of flower, pollination, fertilization, development of seeds and fruits, apomixis and polyembryony. Human reproduction : Reproductive system in male and female, menstrual cycle, production of gametes, fertilization, implantation, embryo development, pregnancy, parturition and lactation. Reproductive Health : Population and birth control, contraception and MTP; sexually transmitted diseases, infertility, Mendelian inheritance. Chromosome theory of inheritance, deviations from Mendelian ratio (gene interaction- incomplete dominance, co-dominance, multiple alleles). Sex determination in human beings: XX, XY. Linkage and crossing over. Inheritance pattern : Mendelian disorders and chromosomal disorders in humans. DNA and RNA, search for genetic material, replication, transcription, genetic code, translation. Gene expression and regulation. Genome and Human Genome Project. DNA fingerprinting. Evolution: Origin of life, theories and evidences, adaptive radiation, mechanism of Evolution, origin and evolution of man, Basic concepts of immunology, vaccines. Pathogens, Parasites Cancer and AIDS. Adolescence and drug / alcohol abuse. Plant breeding, tissue culture, single cell protein, food production, animal husbandry. Mircobes in household food processing, industrial production, sewage treatment, energy generation, biocontrol agents and biofertilizers, Principles and Processes; Recombinant DNA technology; Application in Health and Agriculture; genetically modified (GM) organisms; biosafety issues, Ecosystems : components, types, energy flow, nutrient cycling and ecosystem services. Organism and Population : Organisms and its environment, population and ecological adaptations. Centres of diversity and conservation for biodiversity, Biosphere reserves, National parks and sanctuaries. Environmental issues.

The site announced release of CBSE Sample Test Papers for Class 12 Physics and Chemistry a few days back. Now solved Test Papers for Physics, Chemistry and Biology are being provided online. is going to provide Test Papers for class 12 Mathematics & English and Test Papers for class 11 Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Mathematics soon.


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