CBSE Class 9 CCE Sample Papers and Syllabus for 2nd Term

CBSE announced new scheme of examination in 2009. Now class 9 and class 10 will have two terms in an academic year. Term 1 is from April to September and Term 2 is from October to March.

The Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation will be done at the school through Formative and summative assessments. Sample Papers for summative assessment and guidelines cum suggestive activities for formative assessment are provided at for FREE download.

CBSE Sample Papers for class 9 CCE Summative and Formative assessment in English Communicative, English Language and Literature, Hindi Course A and Hindi Course B are now available for FREE download at

Marking Scheme for class 9 CCE Sample Papers for these subjects is also made available for FREE download. Visitors can download Design of CCE Question Paper, and Changes made in the Pattern of question paper from

CBSE New CCE Syllabus for Class 10 Home Science and Information Technology as prescribed by CBSE for 2nd term (October 2009 to March 2010) is available for download at

Visit directly to download the sample papers.
Visit directly to download the latest CCE syllabus for 2nd Term.

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  • R.Vivek Krishna

    i am in 9th standard. now i have cce pattern.i cant understand.plese give me the sample paper of all the subject

  • http://google yashika

    i want cbse 9 class hindi sample paper 

  • ravi

    sir please sent sample paper of class ninth…………..

  • sumaiya

    i just want pass markzz….

  • Sarwesh Samdarshi

    I am in the 9th standard. CCE is very nice but its systems are very complicated to understand those lengthy patterns.


    give me the sample paper of all the subject

  • neha

    i want sa2 syllabus

  • neha

    give me sample papers of all subjects

  • manisha

    we need less homework so that we can study properly and not so may projects

  • manisha


  • http://gmail meena

    I need all of the sample papers especially hindi and maths it would be nice if the cce system changed. :)

  • vidushi

    plz give me sample paper of science

  • sandeep mandal

    in sample paper you give with diagrams because can not see diagram we solved it 

  • gemi

    i want d sample papers for social science alone….could u plz help me..? dis system s very difficult for us all…we want our old board system back…!!! :( wasting my time everyday wid my projects….so bored..!

  • saikarthik

    hey cce it very easy i got 87 out of 90 in sa1

  • saikarthik

    hey cce it is very easy i got 87 out of 90 in sa1

  • saikrishna

    please send me all the wonderful miraculous cce papers of 9th


    I need the paper because i have to pass in 75% in social science,56% in maths,58% in english,68% in scince ,75% in sanskrit.plase give me cbse sample question paper

  • rahul kaushal

    pls pls send me sample papers of all subject of class 9 2 sem. 2010

  • priyanka

    hello!!!  well..after going through such numerous comments..well an atmosphere of debate has been created over here.. CCE  is good..n if sum1 goes against it…he can’t go after all he/she has to go over through the same evaluation stop being crtical n follow the guidelines…

    well..i am here to know if any sample papers are available for class 9 . please do suggest the websites from where i can download these files..n if possible plz do send me the files  to my email id..plzz i  realllllyyyyyy neeeeeeeed them………………………….

    please send me the papers as soon as possible before 12th of march..
             I hope u’ll send me or reply me before the time.


  • pranshu patidar

    please send me sample question paper of class 9 term2 of all subjects

  • wasil

    hello iam here

  • isha

    plz. send sample paper of all subject of class 9 it’s my humble req. to u

  • http://gmail kahkashan

    plzzzzzzz…….. send me sample paper for class 9

  • Hema Anjna

    I  am happy with this new pattern

  • Hema Anjna

    please send me all sample papers for class 9th second term

  • tapnoor ahuja

    can we get the mcqs of 9th class

  • anirudh pathania

    I don’t have any problem with SA system but FA system is really horrible .
    please send me sample papers.

  • hisana

    i need 9th std every subjects guide…

  • shivangi pandey

    please send me sample papers. of all subject

  • Venkatasaikrishna

    please send me all sample papers of year 2012-2013 of all the subjects

  • Venkatasaikrishna

    please send me all sample papers of year 2012-2013 of all the subjects

  • Aten

    hi dear Sir or Madam can you send me sample paper of first term for maths and science ,
    thanking you
    student from Gopalpur
    class 9th 

  • Vibhuti

    please send me the sample papers of class 9th first sem.

  • Himanshusharma97

    yes i will send

  • utkarsh

    ha bhai bata kya baat hi sample paper kyun lena hai

  • aditya pushkar

    can you please send the sample papers of fa2 of cce of class 9

  • rishav gupta

    Sir please send me a sample paper of class 9 in all subject

  • Veena Sahdev

    mote pagal sand gende tera mooh tod doonga aur pet phad doonga


    Please send me all papers of class 9th”thanx”

  • aryan verma

    thank u


    please send me all the wonderful miraculous cce papers of 9th

  • CCE hater

    plz cut this stupid crap CCE! its all shit, the old scheme was way better… u people just made it more harder for the smart ones to top…. the worst of them is the worksheets

  • sourabh

    cbse iwant to top in class .what i do.

  • Shruti

    Its just a flow in study life cbse is not a such but pepole make this like that …….
    so its my adivice-
    cbse is not only only the way to study and become doctor or collector.If we have the feeling to study so we can do everything.

  • ankita singh

    sir plz sample papers of 9 fr all subjcts fr term 2 as soon as possible…