CBSE class-10 Syllabus for 2013-14 Updated

CBSE has issued new modified and updated syllabus for class 10 for the session 2013-14 (for examinations to be conducted in March 2014). The new modified syllabus is available for free download at CBSE official website and Modified syllabus-2014, Design of assessment and sample questions in the subjects Hindi (A), Hindi (B), English(Communicative), English(Language and Literature), Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and Sanskrit to be used for Summative Assessment- II, March- 2014 Class X can be downloaded using the URL provided below.


CBSE Class-10 Syllabus for 2014 Examination


The Main changes made in the syllabus and sample papers are nothing but addition of Value Based Questions carrying 3-5 marks. There is no change in text and content of study.

1. ‘Value’ based questions have been added to the extent of only 3 to 5 marks in major subjects given above.

2. Modified syllabus enclosed must be referred to and not Curriculum Document 2014 for the above mentioned subjects.

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