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CBSE Notes and Key Summary for class 12 Economics

CBSE Notes and key points with chapterwise  summary and important questions for class 12 Economics is available for free download at for the session 2012-2013. CBSE Notes and key points comprises gist of the chapter and key notes. CBSE Notes for both micro and macro economics are prepared by Kendriya Vidyalaya, KVS and Delhi […]

CBSE Important Questions and HOTS questions for class 12 Economics

CBSE Important Questions and HOTS questions for class 12 Economics for the session 2012-2013 are available for download at for free. CBSE chapter-wise important questions and chapter wise HOTS  questions are prepared by Kendriya vidyalya Sangathan and Directorate of Education, New Delhi for CBSE students. CBSE important questions also includes model answers and value […]

CBSE Sample Papers for class 12 Economics

CBSE Sample Papers 2013 for class 12 Economics are now available for download FREE at under class 12 section. CBSE Economics sample papers for 2013 are issued by CBSE, Kendriya Vidyalaya and Directorate of Education Delhi. Some of the sample papers are provided by our website users. CBSE class 12 sample papers for economics […]

CBSE Syllabus 2011 Economics Class XI and XII

ECONOMICS (Code No. 30) Classes XI-XII Rationale Economics is one of the social sciences, which has great influence on every human being. As economic life and the economy go through changes, the need to ground education in children’s own experience becomes essential. While doing so, it is imperative to provide them opportunities to acquire analytical […]

Higher Order Thinking Questions-Economics class 12

In the Board’s question paper in Economics of Class XII, there will be a few higher order thinking questions.  The objective is to assess the students’ understanding and analytical ability. In the course content for Economics, an attempt is made to introduce basic concepts used in the study of this subject.  Many of these concepts […]

Free Online Test for class-4 Mathematics added has now introduced free MCQ online test for class-4 Mathematics based on NCERT Syllabus. The online test for Maths can be taken at for free of cost. We have already added online tests for class-5 Maths. The online tests for classes 6-12 in Maths, Science (6-10), Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, Accountancy and Economics […]

FREE online test for class-5 Maths has launched FREE online tests for class-5 Mathematics. There are around 1000 MCQs for practice. It covers the whole syllabus as issued by CBSE/NCERT for class-5 Mathematics. The chapters included are : Number System, rounding numbers, estimation, Roman Numbers, Place Value Addition and Subtraction Multiplication and Division LCM and FCF Fractional Numbers (including percentage) […] to Provide NCERT Solutions for Free is preparing NCERT solutions for classes 9 to 12 in session 2014-15. NCERT solutions for class 9 and 10 are almost ready and will be uploaded before the new session starts. Solutions for Mathematics and science will be made available first. These NCERT solutions are being prepared as PDF files for easier download simpler […]

Now Rechecking Means Re-Evaluation not Re-Totaling for CBSE class-12 Papers

As of now, rechecking was nothing but re-totaling of marks from first page of your answer sheet.But from 2014 onwards the definition of rechecking is going to get new meaning. Now onwards the answer sheets will be fully re-evaluated in selected subjects. Students can request for digital copy of their answer sheets and get the […]

Free MCQ Online Practice Tests for CBSE has launched Free MCQ online practice tests for CBSE class-6 to class-12. These MCQ Tests are very helpful for self-assessment, Olympiads and competitive exams. CBSE Multiple Choice Questions are based on NCERT Books and latest CBSE syllabus. There are MCQ tests for Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy and Economics. We are adding free […]